Worth the Money or Not?

Choosing how you want to remodel your kitchen is almost as important as selecting the home itself. It’s where a vast majority of the home’s value lies and, if you do things correctly, you stand to recover the costs of your renovation and more in an increased property value.

With that weight on your shoulders, the pressure is on. When renovating your kitchen, it’s important to decide which of your luxury ideas are worth the money and which just sound better in theory.

A Second Sink

If you’ve ever prepared any type of meal, you surely know how valuable this addition can be. Adding a secondary sink in your kitchen’s island or elsewhere outside of the main cooking area will give another person the opportunity to help prepare food, clean up, or entertain.

Soft-Close Drawers and Cabinets

Daily wear and tear are detrimental to the woodwork in your kitchen. Constant slamming and banging slowly breaks down the life of your drawers and cabinets. Soft-close technology and full-extension drawers are renovation must-haves. Making it easier to store, organize, and retrieve what you need, it’s definitely worth the money.

Pot Fillers

The jury is still out on this one. Some say they can’t live without the convenience of filling pasta pots in cinch. Others don’t believe it’s particularly useful, especially when it comes time to transport the pot of boiling water to the sink. Unless of course, you have a second sink installed.

Wine Cooler

It’s beautiful. It’s functional. But is it worth the money? Unless you have a legitimate reason to have 2 dozen bottles of 55 degree wine readily available, we’d have to say no. But, if you do, and it’s within your budget- go for it!

There are wants, there are needs, and then there are must-haves. Only you can determine where the details of your renovation lie. Choose wisely.

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