175 × 175Our warranty covers the products installed by Executive Builders & Remodelers LLC and are warranted for a period of three years against defects in workmanship, subject to the following conditions.

Executive Builders & Remodelers agree to remedy the defective workmanship without charge within three years from the finish date of the project within a reasonable time after notice.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship but does not include defects or damages attributing to the normal wear on products of damages caused by accidents, misuse or mistreatment of the installed finished products within the workspace.

Executive Builders will comply with all manufacturer warranties on products that were purchased through Executive Builders & Remodelers or from our showroom, Legacy Kitchen Designs. Any products that are provided by the homeowner will not be covered under our warranty for any manufacturers defects. Please note, there will be a charge if a service call is made and it is found that the reported damages were not caused by Executive Builders & Remodelers.


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