The Latest Releases in Cooktop Technology

Manually turning rusted dials to get to the stovetop temperature you desire is now a thing of the past. Now stoves have advanced from the isolation of being an oven’s accessory to its very own designer centerpiece.

The rise of the cooktop has attracted attention for many looking to renovate their homes or make their rental properties more attractive. However, they’ve also become a cause of concern for parents and other safety-conscious individuals.

The beauty of technology means there’s always something bigger and better out there. Your concerns have been heard and designers have recently released new and improved cooktops of your dreams.

An Introduction to Induction

This type of cooktop utilizing electro-magnetic energy to heat cast-iron and stainless steel cookware. The technology fuses the convenience of electric cook with the favored control of gas stoves. It heats up quickly and has a higher rate of energy efficiency when compared to the average electric cooktop.

In essence, induction allows you to add a cooktop with professional qualities in the middle of your kitchen island without the expense of adding new gas lines- all you need is an outlet.

Sounds like perfection as is but designers took it a step further by creating a way to make this cooktop cool to the touch- keep your child’s curious fingers safe from harm.

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