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Apartment with garden? And why not a yard?

Those who live in the city, in an apartment, cannot afford to enjoy a spacious garden, but can and should invest in beautiful decorations for the balcony. After all, however small, it is the only corner of the house to provide an interaction with the outside world. The smallest porch does not need much, in fact, the options are few; three different possibilities for those who do not know how to start decorating this environment: create a space reserved exclusively for plants, with many pots and landscaping; set up a space with a table, chairs or benches to be able to take advantage of it in different situations; or mix both!

Choose furniture and accessories according to your purpose. Wooden shelves and compact sideboards can serve as support for smaller pots, while larger plants can stay on the floor.
If you want a simple and economic environment, the use of pallets will be ideal, all of this is part of the imagination! Stones from the beach or countryside give soft tones and cover everything that is imperfect in our eyes.

A table with folding chairs might be a great idea for anyone who wants to make the porch a social space for coffee, reading a book, or even eating at the end of the week. Two-seater wooden benches can also tastefully decorate and create a cozy corner for the residents.

When decorating, opt for waterproof cushions, preferably well-colored for creating joy. Vases can also add color and the walls can be highlighted with the help of pictures, artificial fountains, candles and other rustic accessories that can contribute to add life to the environment. The floor can be renovated with artificial turf, wood slat panels or even vinyl tiles; there are several shades, including rustic ones.

And why not a vegetable garden? It would be a great way to have everything fresh at hand, in an eco-friendly and inexpensive way! A balcony with morning or afternoon sun is essential. If you have old cups or containers that you are no longer using, you can take advantage of them to plant. However, as most do not have holes to drain excess water, you should line them with sand, pebbles, or some other kind of porous material. Aleternately, you can always opt for bottles and drill a hole underneath. For shaping the vertical garden, as its name implies, you can use shelves, or wood panels to randomly affix your new / old pots!

Watering daily, fertilizing in a routine manner, having patience and enjoying the growth are necessary aspects of gardening, and in the end, savor them! The plants indicated for a garden are usually the aromatic ones: thyme, oregano, parsley, chives, mint, basil, and cherry tomatoes.
If you have children, the garden, from its idealization through decoration, planting and harvesting, will make the magic of nature combined with the pleasure of cooking awaken unique sensations in the learning of the young, bringing all the traditionalism of our grandparents and countryside.

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How To Make A Cute Garden At Home

With the summer approaching, we all want to enjoy a pleasant vacation and a wonderful atmosphere in our yard. More exactly, all people want to create a special place for living where they could spend their time with their closest ones. We like to spend that time during the sunny days outside in the garden. Think about making an investment in this special place where you could relax after an exhausting day. Below we have listed some ideas that we think would be helpful for you. Read them carefully and decide if some of them match your tastes.

– Purchase different type of flowers

Flowers are an exceptional part of the garden. Buy them in many different colors and types and create an agreeable situation. You could make an important display for yourself and for your children. You could also buy some interesting flowerpots. They could be an excellent decoration for your garden. You could order them from the internet. You could find many ideas in magazines and also you could find some inspiration online.

– Provide space for a pool

If you don’t have enough money for an in-ground pool, you could buy an above ground pool from the store. You and your children can get refreshed during the hot summer days. There are many sizes available so you can choose the most convenient one for you.

– Buy decorative trees

Well planned decorations could take everyone’s breath away. Look for different decorative trees that could make your garden look like a million dollars. They would provide fresh air and at the same time they would be a decoration that family and guests would adore.

– Decorative fountains

Water fountains are always a great choice and all the people adore them. There is no better place during the summer nights where you could relax with your friends than seated next to a water fountain and drinking your favorite summer cocktail. It sounds marvelous. Think about this idea and make your wish come true.

– Summer houses

In some gardens where there is enough space, you could create a wooden house for your children. They would be grateful to you their entire life. They could make the best memories there with their friends. They would adore this wooden house especially if it is built in a tree. Just like from the movie scenes.

The best time period to start thinking of making changes to your garden is during the winter. Look at your gardens gadgets and decide which ones are not working any more. Think about replacing them with other ones or maybe buying something similar but modern and sophisticated. Always plan your budget and take a look in many stores because you could find the same product at different prices.

We hope that we helped you somehow in your choices and we would be glad if you shared with us some missed but important ideas. Take a breath and relax and rest with your family in your new and improved garden.