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Lighting Up Your Life- Make Any Space More Modern With Under Cabinet Lighting

If you’ve yet to witness the marvels of modern design, you are truly missing out. Under cabinet lighting adds a luxurious touch to kitchens, bathroom, basements, and more. Just an extra touch of illumination transforms the traditional kitchen or bar to an inviting social space when the lights go off.

With the flick of a switch, your man cave can turn into a luxury lounge. Put the children to bed and pour you and your spouse a relaxing glass of wine. Your customized under cabinet light sets the ambiance for a relaxing evening for two.

So how do you choose the best brand to suit your needs? The following are two reliable sources of task lighting:

XENON- Manufacturers produce low-voltage strips or pucks. It’s a more economical source that does not neglect the vibrancy of its colors and width of its beams. XENON under cabinet lighting is also dimmable, giving you more control over the feel of your space.

LED- These energy-efficient under cabinet lighting options are extremely long-lasting. The thin strips don’t require much to camouflage it to blend with your cabinetry. They often illuminate a slight blue tint unless the packaging is rater under 3,500 on the Kelvin scale. LED under cabinet lighting may be a little to locate.

Contact your contractor for assistance with selecting the right type of lighting for your space.

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2 thoughts on “Lighting Up Your Life- Make Any Space More Modern With Under Cabinet Lighting

  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    When it comes to remodeling I know I want under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. I believe this adds a richer look to the room. Thanks for the suggestions on manafacturers because I wouldn’t have known where to begin looking.

  2. Jennifer Smith says:

    Placing under cabinet in a bar area, like in a man cave is a great idea. This small change could change the entire look of the room by adding that certain needed ambiance.

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