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Kitchen Countertops

Since the rise in renovation reality television, more people are taking a second look at their homes and they aren’t happy with what they see. Desires for a full scale transformation are most often concentrated in the kitchen. New takes on modern design have transitioned this space from a place to store your food and dishes to a social center of your home.

If you’re ready for a kitchen remodel that will withstand the extra hours your family and guests will spend gathered around the sink, you’ll need to select kitchen countertops that are built to last. In most cases, looks are the main deciding factor in the types of counters you’ll choose but it’s important to consider the long term effects of your decision.

With your budget in mind, consider the ways you plan to use your countertops, the time it will take to clean and maintain the materials, and the skillset of your contractor. Issues such as availability, shipping, and the weight bearing ability of your cabinetry also play a role in the types of countertops that will work well in your home.

With help from a skilled designer and contractor, you can be sure that every aspect of your kitchen renovation will seamlessly support your vision.

Our clients choose us because of the total quality control we exercise over their remodeling project, and the respect we have for their homes. They had a vision that we turned into reality! You can rest assured that we oversee your job from start to finish.

No questions are left unanswered and your project is sure to be completed just the way you want it & on time. We stand accountable for every phase of the job.

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3 thoughts on “Kitchen Countertops

  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    When thinking of renovation I never thought of countertops and cabinets in any shade of white, yet these seem to be the trend. I can’t believe there are countertops made of concrete. I am really interested in changing the lighting making the kitchen warm and inviting. Great article.

  2. Jennifer Smith says:

    Absolutely right, I had never seen or thought of a renovation and the transformation of a room or rooms prior to watching shows about fixing a home up. Remodeling has come a long way and to know that Executive builders has my best interest and the overall best design for my home in mind gives me a peace of mind.

  3. Jennifer Smith says:

    I can see the appreciation for modern kitchens and countertops, but I must admit when it comes to designing a new specs for the kitchen I have no clue. I still enjoy the darker richer looking wood cabinets with a light in color quartz countertop.

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