Help With Choosing Flooring for Every Space in Your Home

When it’s time to pick out your floors, you’ll need to think of everything from the purpose of the space to the type of traffic it gets and, of course, the All-Mighty budget. Here’s a little info on some common flooring options.


Who doesn’t love the traditional appeal of a freshly laid hardwood floor? As you get deep into your renovation, many are surprised to find near perfect hardwoods hiding behind their existing flooring. After a touch up and repair, you’ll save tons of money on restoring your space to a comfortable, homey surface.

But remember, hardwood does scratch and it’s not difficult to dent. After a while of use and heavy traffic, it can also start to lose its appeal. (Quickly fixed with a good refinish.)

Porcelain Tile

Tiles aren’t reserved for any respective area in your home. You can enhance the look of any space from the kitchen to the basement with a brand new porcelain tile floor. They are easy to clean and amazingly durable- perfect for rental properties or the family’s ideal hangout house.

There are plenty of ways to customize the look of your porcelain flooring through a combination of textures, sizes, and colors. The coldness of porcelain and how hard it is to walk on can be a drawback to some. That hard flooring can be a death sentence for dropped dishes and, unfortunately, your tile may crack in the process. Also, with tile you’ll need to deal with cleaning grout lines.


Cork Flooring

For a natural cushion to each step, cork flooring is an excellent option. They are easily installed, complete with a glued surface and special varnish.

Since it is a natural material, cork will need to be finished with polyurethane every couple of years. It gives off the warm feeling of hardwood but it is harder to recoat and maintain.


Linoleum Flooring

Another alternative to hardwood, linoleum will drastically reduce your expenses while maintaining a similar design and color pallet. Glued down in 12×12 tiles or by the sheet, linoleum is a quick, antimicrobial solution to your flooring dilemma.

If you’re using it in a large space, it may be difficult to hide the seams between sheets and some just don’t like the idea of using inauthentic wood flooring.

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  1. Rosalee Jacklin
    Rosalee Jacklin says:

    I have always wanted to buy fixer uppers BUT get so overwhelmed with trying to get organized & not go over budget. I appreciate all the tips you have shared. As now I am more confident in looking for a fixer upper & have more confidence in making a good profit. Thanks so much

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