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Drawers or Roll-Out Trays? Decisions…Decisions.

Creating a custom cabinet plan is a little more complicated than choosing door designs, hardware, and finishes. Think about how you plan to use each cabinet and drawer. Think of the ways you plan to organize the things in each of them. Now, with these things in mind, think about the most important factor- price.

Depending on your intentions and the budget you have in place for your renovation, there are benefits to installing conventional drawers as well as roll outs. Here’s a quick snapshot of them.

Drawers- An ergonomic champion. Drawers are simple to operate, straight to the point, and have less mechanisms that may eventually falter and impact the effectiveness of their use. They also offer a more stable storage system for larger items. The low sides on rollouts won’t prevent tall items from falling over when you pull it out or push it back in.

Roll-Out Trays- A simple addition to an existing design and a great meant of adding organizational ability quickly. You won’t need to refashion your cabinets to incorporate rollouts into the design whereas drawers can only really be included at the same time of the base cabinet’s construction.

These are an ideal solution for storing smaller things and helping to bring them to you without your need to search or struggle to see what’s in the back of the cabinet. Because of the low sides on rollouts, you can easily see what’s in that cabinet without removing everything that’s inside. You can also include rollout shelving in the lower or upper cabinets of your space. A drawer floating near the ceiling wouldn’t be very helpful would it?

There are a lot of options available which can make the decision making process overwhelming. Find a trustworthy professional to help you sort out the details.

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