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Discovering The Beauty of Drawer Dishwashers

Debates over whose turn it is to do the dishes have plagued family dinner tables for decades. Here’s why you should consider adding them to your kitchen design.

  1. Perfect for small load washers- If you don’t wait until every dish in your cabinet is dirty to load the washer, a drawer design is great for conserving energy and water on a quick wash.
  2. Time saver- Use one drawer to store clean dishes and the other to start loading dirty ones. You’ll never have to worry about putting all of the dishes away in a hurry again.
  3. Space saver- Drawer dishwashers are good additions to narrow kitchens like the galley design.
  4. Easily blended- You can custom fit a wood panel to cover a single dishwasher drawer. This makes it quick to clean up in a butler’s pantry and it won’t impose on the design of your basement wet bar.

Some have complained about a problem with mold buildup in drawer dishwashers but that’s not a cause for concern. Simply run your washers on an empty load with 1 cup of white vinegar to solve the mold epidemic. Overall it’s a compact and economical solution that can lend a helping hand in the areas you need it.

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