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Custom Cabinets When You Care About the Environment

There could be plenty of reasons why you are interested in learning more about eco-friendly cabinets. Equally as beautiful as conventional alternatives, incorporating eco-friendly cabinets in your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or even basement entertainment area can improve the space’s indoor air quality.

Reducing the presence of harmful toxins and allergens, learning the benefits of using environmentally conscious alternatives prove to be worthy of your attention, even if you aren’t a tree-lover.

To reap these rewards in your next renovation, ask your contractor about formaldehyde-free alternatives. Congress passed a bill regulated safer levels of these carcinogens but you can’t get safer than completely formaldehyde free. This means you’ll need to be mindful of the types of particleboard, plywood, or fiberboard you use in your renovation.

FSC-certified plywood, agrifiber boards, and bamboo plywood are favorable alternatives. Each of these also have a very low volatile organic compound (VOC).

You can also opt to use sustainable or salvaged wood to add some rich character to your kitchen’s design. Your wood will have a story making it more than a beautiful renovation but a topic of conversation.

Renewable woods such as bamboo are naturally stronger and much harder than the majority of hardwoods on the market. Perfect for a durable, exotic transformation.

The quality of water-based finishes have also improved over the years. This means your Earth-friendly cabinets can be just as beautiful and durable as traditional cabinets minus the risks.

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3 thoughts on “Custom Cabinets When You Care About the Environment

  1. Amanda Drew says:

    I like how you say that you could use salvaged or sustainable wood for your kitchen cabinetry. My kitchen wasn’t set out very good when they first made it. There’s some space that’s not being used for some reason, and the cabinets are less deep than they could be. So I want to renovate it. I’ll have to find someone who can put in some custom cabinetry, maybe with salvaged wood, so that I can have all of the space I need.

  2. Kayla says:

    I didn’t know that renewable woods such as bamboo are naturally stronger and much harder than the majority of hardwoods on the market. My sister wants to remodel the kitchen because it looks worn out. My dad suggested having custom cabinetry and shared this article with her.

  3. Braden Bills says:

    I want to make sure that I get the right cabinets. It makes sense that I would want to have custom cabinets made! I had no idea that using them could be so eco-friendly!

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