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Color Combos The World Stopped Loving

We can’t mention trending paint jobs without discussing the colors that people are starting to shy away from. By no means does this list suggest that you should also follow suit. In fact, maybe you have just what we need to breathe new life into these color schemes.

Orange was once the epitome of the accent wall, now people are growing a bit tired of it. Still enticed by the citrusy appeal, they’ve transitioned to a shade of coral or a timeless deep earth tone.

Lavender and authentic purple were also a favorite in many homes. Not anymore. The traditional options are now being replaced by violets, amethyst, and romantic wines. When it comes to purple, people are now daring to be bolder than ever.

Brown and blue hit the world like a tidal wave. It was in and on everything and the public was eating it up off of a silver platter. Now, it seems like their appetites are full. Following the bolder trend of recent years, the population has seemed to replaced brown and blue with black and white as well as a blend of metallic.

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