How To Build Your Dream Kitchen

Explore Your Options With Granite Countertops

When you’re looking to redesign or add style to an outdated kitchen, there are many good reasons to consider granite countertops. Their elegant look and supreme quality make granite a popular choice for many home owners and builders. Here are a few advantages that you should be aware of when you’re ready to update your kitchen:

Granite countertops are:

  • Cost effective
  • Unique—no two pieces of granite are the same
  • Resistant to hot oil and grease
  • Available in many different styles and hundreds of colors
  • Durable (made from natural stone that won’t crack or scratch)
  • Able to handle hot pots and pans

Installing granite countertops is a perfect way to increase the value of your home—they offer a special, aesthetic appeal which gives a home a personal touch and sheer beauty. Contact Executive Builders & Remodelers today to see what type of granite is right for you.

Bathroom Remodel

Adding Space to Bathroom Designs

A variety of different looks are desirable in many bathroom remodeling projects, but it’s easy to have a great design and forget to plan for enough space. The first and most obvious tip is to take the time to plan a cabinet structure for storage into your space. This is especially useful if you plan to use a standalone sink that doesn’t incorporate storage underneath. Storage fixtures can be custom built to match the colors and design of your bathroom, allowing for a stylish stowaway for towels, toiletries, and any other items you may need close at hand.

Large mirrors (especially those without frames) can create the illusion of space in small bathrooms. Mirrors are easy to incorporate since mirrors are necessities when it comes to this important room. If space is cramped, it may also be useful to be creative and have extra drawers or storage spaces built into fixtures you already have planned. For example, allowing space on all sides of a vanity may allow for storage on the sides. Even if it’s just a magazine rack, any storage is useful when space is tight.

Contact Executive Builders & Remodelers and begin making the most of your space.

Custom Kitchen

The Shower Stall Floor (1 of 3)

This is the first in our instructional blog series.  This series is designed to provide helpful tips and instruction for our up-and-coming contractor clients and DIY homeowners to explain how Kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs are done right and create interaction between these two groups and our more established, experienced contractors.

If you’re a member of this latter group, you may not get much in the way of tips from these posts, at the same time we encourage you to show off your skills with tips and techniques of your own.  Just put your tips in the comments section or call our showroom.  We may just feature you and your comments in a future video to help increase your business.

The Shower Stall (part 1 of 3)

Today we are on one of our renovations, where we’re doing a master bathroom renovation.  For these first three posts we are going to be focusing on the shower stall and the floor in particular.

With shower floors you have two options:

A prefabricated base is a little bit more cost friendly option. It’s a pretty simple

application. The base comes already sloped.  It’s just a matter of:

  • Popping it in the whole.
  • Getting it screwed in.
  • Getting the drain assembly hooked up correctly.

From there you could choose either a pre-fabricated wall or a tile wall.

Prefabricated bases will come in a few different materials.

  • Acrylic
  • Fiber glass
  • Cast iron.

A Tile floor is a little bit more costly and is a much more involved process with

material and labor.


This particular renovation is actually getting a tiled floor and we’re going to show the steps of that process throughout these next blog posts.

Once we’ve finished up with the demo, we’ll come back with our second post, with our curb in place and ready for our vinyl pine liner.


Help With Choosing Flooring for Every Space in Your Home

When it’s time to pick out your floors, you’ll need to think of everything from the purpose of the space to the type of traffic it gets and, of course, the All-Mighty budget. Here’s a little info on some common flooring options.


Who doesn’t love the traditional appeal of a freshly laid hardwood floor? As you get deep into your renovation, many are surprised to find near perfect hardwoods hiding behind their existing flooring. After a touch up and repair, you’ll save tons of money on restoring your space to a comfortable, homey surface.

But remember, hardwood does scratch and it’s not difficult to dent. After a while of use and heavy traffic, it can also start to lose its appeal. (Quickly fixed with a good refinish.)

Porcelain Tile

Tiles aren’t reserved for any respective area in your home. You can enhance the look of any space from the kitchen to the basement with a brand new porcelain tile floor. They are easy to clean and amazingly durable- perfect for rental properties or the family’s ideal hangout house.

There are plenty of ways to customize the look of your porcelain flooring through a combination of textures, sizes, and colors. The coldness of porcelain and how hard it is to walk on can be a drawback to some. That hard flooring can be a death sentence for dropped dishes and, unfortunately, your tile may crack in the process. Also, with tile you’ll need to deal with cleaning grout lines.


Cork Flooring

For a natural cushion to each step, cork flooring is an excellent option. They are easily installed, complete with a glued surface and special varnish.

Since it is a natural material, cork will need to be finished with polyurethane every couple of years. It gives off the warm feeling of hardwood but it is harder to recoat and maintain.


Linoleum Flooring

Another alternative to hardwood, linoleum will drastically reduce your expenses while maintaining a similar design and color pallet. Glued down in 12×12 tiles or by the sheet, linoleum is a quick, antimicrobial solution to your flooring dilemma.

If you’re using it in a large space, it may be difficult to hide the seams between sheets and some just don’t like the idea of using inauthentic wood flooring.

Worth the Money or Not?

Choosing how you want to remodel your kitchen is almost as important as selecting the home itself. It’s where a vast majority of the home’s value lies and, if you do things correctly, you stand to recover the costs of your renovation and more in an increased property value.

With that weight on your shoulders, the pressure is on. When renovating your kitchen, it’s important to decide which of your luxury ideas are worth the money and which just sound better in theory.

A Second Sink

If you’ve ever prepared any type of meal, you surely know how valuable this addition can be. Adding a secondary sink in your kitchen’s island or elsewhere outside of the main cooking area will give another person the opportunity to help prepare food, clean up, or entertain.

Soft-Close Drawers and Cabinets

Daily wear and tear are detrimental to the woodwork in your kitchen. Constant slamming and banging slowly breaks down the life of your drawers and cabinets. Soft-close technology and full-extension drawers are renovation must-haves. Making it easier to store, organize, and retrieve what you need, it’s definitely worth the money.

Pot Fillers

The jury is still out on this one. Some say they can’t live without the convenience of filling pasta pots in cinch. Others don’t believe it’s particularly useful, especially when it comes time to transport the pot of boiling water to the sink. Unless of course, you have a second sink installed.

Wine Cooler

It’s beautiful. It’s functional. But is it worth the money? Unless you have a legitimate reason to have 2 dozen bottles of 55 degree wine readily available, we’d have to say no. But, if you do, and it’s within your budget- go for it!

There are wants, there are needs, and then there are must-haves. Only you can determine where the details of your renovation lie. Choose wisely.


Frequently Asked Fridge Facts

Our clients have some pretty common concerns when it comes to selecting the right refrigerator for their kitchen design. Here’s a few helpful tips to help you make an informed decisions.

  • Everyone wants an ice/beverage dispenser. It’s convenient for you and your guests to be able to retrieve a cool, refreshing drink quickly. Honestly, they only make sense if you’re choosing a refrigerator with a side-by-side design. This configuration helps you avoid sacrificing precious refrigerator space by placing freezing components on the back of the door.


  • To keep your refrigerator from protruding too far from the counter, try to find a model with a recessed back. Without the water line and power supply protruding, you’ll save a few inches and preserve the closest counter depth you can achieve.


  • If you’ve fallen in love with French door refrigerators, you’ll really enjoy a double drawer bottom freezer. This gives you more organizational opportunity to divide the frozen necessities from the “just in case we need them” foods.


Follow these simple suggestions and you and your refrigerator will enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Our clients choose us because of the total quality control we exercise over their remodeling project, and the respect we have for their homes. They had a vision that we turned into reality! You can rest assured that we oversee your job from start to finish.

No questions are left unanswered and your project is sure to be completed just the way you want it & on time. We stand accountable for every phase of the job.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or basement remodeling company, contact Executive Builders & Remodelers LLC today.


The Latest Releases in Cooktop Technology

Manually turning rusted dials to get to the stovetop temperature you desire is now a thing of the past. Now stoves have advanced from the isolation of being an oven’s accessory to its very own designer centerpiece.

The rise of the cooktop has attracted attention for many looking to renovate their homes or make their rental properties more attractive. However, they’ve also become a cause of concern for parents and other safety-conscious individuals.

The beauty of technology means there’s always something bigger and better out there. Your concerns have been heard and designers have recently released new and improved cooktops of your dreams.

An Introduction to Induction

This type of cooktop utilizing electro-magnetic energy to heat cast-iron and stainless steel cookware. The technology fuses the convenience of electric cook with the favored control of gas stoves. It heats up quickly and has a higher rate of energy efficiency when compared to the average electric cooktop.

In essence, induction allows you to add a cooktop with professional qualities in the middle of your kitchen island without the expense of adding new gas lines- all you need is an outlet.

Sounds like perfection as is but designers took it a step further by creating a way to make this cooktop cool to the touch- keep your child’s curious fingers safe from harm.

Our clients choose us because of the total quality control we exercise over their remodeling project, and the respect we have for their homes. They had a vision that we turned into reality! You can rest assured that we oversee your job from start to finish.

No questions are left unanswered and your project is sure to be completed just the way you want it & on time. We stand accountable for every phase of the job.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or basement remodeling company, contact Executive Builders & Remodelers LLC today.


Building Dream Kitchens on a Budget

If you have grand ideas for your kitchen renovation but a modest budget to make it happen, our advice is – don’t settle. Unless your ideas are completely off the wall, you may regret giving up on your dreams in the long run. Rather than waste your money on things you don’t want, take baby steps to complete your renovation.

Where to Begin

Spend your money where it matters most then add the bells and whistles down the road.

  1. First, concentrate on the layout of your design. If you plan to move things around, you may as well get that out of the way since it’s likely to cost a pretty penny (depending on what you’re switching). Open up the floor plan, splurge on your island, and work out the placement of electrical wiring and gas lines then move to the infrastructure.
  2. Frame it out, lay down your subflooring, and purchase the windows you need. These are much more important than shiny new appliances.
  3. Quality cabinetry ranks among the most important factors of your renovation.
  4. Countertops bring it all together. Take this final step for a greater idea of what the final product will look like.

Although you’ll probably hate the idea, using your existing stove and refrigerator until you can afford brand new replacements won’t kill you. The same goes for economical alternatives to expensive fixtures, lighting, high-tech faucets, and that tile mosaic backsplash. Just because you use something cost-effective to save its place doesn’t mean you won’t have the kitchen of your dreams when your budget is ready to accommodate the expense.

Our clients choose us because of the total quality control we exercise over their remodeling project, and the respect we have for their homes. They had a vision that we turned into reality! You can rest assured that we oversee your job from start to finish.

No questions are left unanswered and your project is sure to be completed just the way you want it & on time. We stand accountable for every phase of the job.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or basement remodeling company, contact Executive Builders & Remodelers LLC today.


Let’s Talk About Finishing Off Your Countertops

You’ve selected the perfect stone to compliment your kitchen, bathroom, or basement counters, now it’s time to discuss finishing the deal. You can complete the look of your countertops by selecting from a variety of finishes. Based on your design and budget, one of these choices will bring it all together, completing the look of your home.

Eased Countertop Edges

Usually, you can request that the edges of your counter be eased without incurring any extra costs. (This may change if the dimensions of your request go above the provider’s standard. To maintain the economics of this option, it is best used on counters that are less than 1 ¼ inch thick.) Eased counters are very versatile and work well with almost any style cabinet door and you don’t have to worry about chips.

Full Bullnose Countertop Edges

Compared to standard eased edges, you can expect to pay around $6-$7 more for each linear foot of a full bullnose design. It’s a higher end finish that’s equally as versatile. Many think the upcharge is worth the money because this option makes it less harsh to accidently bump into your countertop edges. Others opt against it because it makes it easier for spills to travel into your drawers. This is easily solved by having your edges kerfed.

Ogee Countertop Edges

This option runs $8-$12 more for each linear foot but the ripples and coves of an ogee edge are an elegant transformation for your cabinets. While it enhances the formal appeal of your space, the projecting points aren’t very comfortable to lean on. It’s not an ideal option for areas with a lot of busy traffic from accident prone people and small children since an ogee edge is known to chip.


Is a Professional Range Top Ideal for Your Kitchen?

A gourmet chef’s kitchen is at the top of almost every new home buyer’s search list. Those of us who are already in our ideal residence have begun rethinking the idea of remodeling our kitchen. For many, a simple paint job and swap of tile isn’t enough to capture the vision in their head. That’s when brand new appliances start to come into question.

A professional grade range is like a dream come true. Not only is it capable of meeting your needs, it’s a true beauty. Still, you’ll need to think about whether or not the high-firepower of a professional stove is really the way you want to go.

The Good Side

You’ll be simmering and searing within seconds. Professional ranges multiply the normal BTUs of an average residential stove. The heavy duty design comes with a standard 20+ years of expected use. They are available in a variety of standard sizes, making it easy to match up with your kitchen remodel design. These gorgeous appliances are made from high quality stainless steel ranging from 24-60 inches in width.

The Bad Side

You’ll need to upgrade the size of your duct in order to accommodate a professional range. Jumping from the standard 7 inches, now you’ll need a 10-inch high power hood to handle the heat. These monstrosities can tip scales at more than 900 lbs. Your contractor will have to reinforce your floors to avoid damage. Speaking of service its size, it’s possible for it to extend over 4 inches beyond the usual depth of your counter. That’s something for your contractor to consider as well.

You’ll shell out $5,000-$10,000 to purchase a new professional range. It also costs more to have someone come out and maintenance them. Parts carry a hefty price tag as well.

If your budget can handle the hit and your kitchen has the space to accommodate it, then a professional range may be one of the best design decisions you’ve made.