Building Dream Kitchens on a Budget

If you have grand ideas for your kitchen renovation but a modest budget to make it happen, our advice is – don’t settle. Unless your ideas are completely off the wall, you may regret giving up on your dreams in the long run. Rather than waste your money on things you don’t want, take baby steps to complete your renovation.

Where to Begin

Spend your money where it matters most then add the bells and whistles down the road.

  1. First, concentrate on the layout of your design. If you plan to move things around, you may as well get that out of the way since it’s likely to cost a pretty penny (depending on what you’re switching). Open up the floor plan, splurge on your island, and work out the placement of electrical wiring and gas lines then move to the infrastructure.
  2. Frame it out, lay down your subflooring, and purchase the windows you need. These are much more important than shiny new appliances.
  3. Quality cabinetry ranks among the most important factors of your renovation.
  4. Countertops bring it all together. Take this final step for a greater idea of what the final product will look like.

Although you’ll probably hate the idea, using your existing stove and refrigerator until you can afford brand new replacements won’t kill you. The same goes for economical alternatives to expensive fixtures, lighting, high-tech faucets, and that tile mosaic backsplash. Just because you use something cost-effective to save its place doesn’t mean you won’t have the kitchen of your dreams when your budget is ready to accommodate the expense.

Our clients choose us because of the total quality control we exercise over their remodeling project, and the respect we have for their homes. They had a vision that we turned into reality! You can rest assured that we oversee your job from start to finish.

No questions are left unanswered and your project is sure to be completed just the way you want it & on time. We stand accountable for every phase of the job.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or basement remodeling company, contact Executive Builders & Remodelers LLC today.

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