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Explore Your Options With Granite Countertops

When you’re looking to redesign or add style to an outdated kitchen, there are many good reasons to consider granite countertops. Their elegant look and supreme quality make granite a popular choice for many home owners and builders. Here are a few advantages that you should be aware of when you’re ready to update your […]

Adding Space to Bathroom Designs

A variety of different looks are desirable in many bathroom remodeling projects, but it’s easy to have a great design and forget to plan for enough space. The first and most obvious tip is to take the time to plan a cabinet structure for storage into your space. This is especially useful if you plan […]

The Shower Stall Floor (1 of 3)

This is the first in our instructional blog series.  This series is designed to provide helpful tips and instruction for our up-and-coming contractor clients and DIY homeowners to explain how Kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs are done right and create interaction between these two groups and our more established, experienced contractors. If you’re a member […]

Worth the Money or Not?

Choosing how you want to remodel your kitchen is almost as important as selecting the home itself. It’s where a vast majority of the home’s value lies and, if you do things correctly, you stand to recover the costs of your renovation and more in an increased property value. With that weight on your shoulders, […]

Frequently Asked Fridge Facts

Our clients have some pretty common concerns when it comes to selecting the right refrigerator for their kitchen design. Here’s a few helpful tips to help you make an informed decisions. Everyone wants an ice/beverage dispenser. It’s convenient for you and your guests to be able to retrieve a cool, refreshing drink quickly. Honestly, they […]

The Latest Releases in Cooktop Technology

Manually turning rusted dials to get to the stovetop temperature you desire is now a thing of the past. Now stoves have advanced from the isolation of being an oven’s accessory to its very own designer centerpiece. The rise of the cooktop has attracted attention for many looking to renovate their homes or make their […]

Building Dream Kitchens on a Budget

If you have grand ideas for your kitchen renovation but a modest budget to make it happen, our advice is – don’t settle. Unless your ideas are completely off the wall, you may regret giving up on your dreams in the long run. Rather than waste your money on things you don’t want, take baby […]

Let’s Talk About Finishing Off Your Countertops

You’ve selected the perfect stone to compliment your kitchen, bathroom, or basement counters, now it’s time to discuss finishing the deal. You can complete the look of your countertops by selecting from a variety of finishes. Based on your design and budget, one of these choices will bring it all together, completing the look of […]