Bathroom Remodel

Adding Space to Bathroom Designs

A variety of different looks are desirable in many bathroom remodeling projects, but it’s easy to have a great design and forget to plan for enough space. The first and most obvious tip is to take the time to plan a cabinet structure for storage into your space. This is especially useful if you plan to use a standalone sink that doesn’t incorporate storage underneath. Storage fixtures can be custom built to match the colors and design of your bathroom, allowing for a stylish stowaway for towels, toiletries, and any other items you may need close at hand.

Large mirrors (especially those without frames) can create the illusion of space in small bathrooms. Mirrors are easy to incorporate since mirrors are necessities when it comes to this important room. If space is cramped, it may also be useful to be creative and have extra drawers or storage spaces built into fixtures you already have planned. For example, allowing space on all sides of a vanity may allow for storage on the sides. Even if it’s just a magazine rack, any storage is useful when space is tight.

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